IMO BROTHERS INTERNATIONAL BAND – Led by Fiddey Onwuneme DWAPS 2027 – Afrodisia1.977

Picó EL ROJO Nro 1 – La Cobra de Barranquilla

EL GRAN TORRES «La Furia de Villate»  –  Años 70s y 8os                                                            Propietario: Taurino Torres                                                                                                             DJ´s ó Picoteros : Jairo San Juan, El Chino Perea, William Marriaga  y “EL Morro” con la Tecnica de Jaime De Castro

“y Ahora Con Mas Salsa… Con Mas Sabor… Todo!  a la Medida del Gran Torreeees!!! … La Furia!!!!! de Villate… para el Mundo! Enteroooooooo”

Covers – Cuviertas – Caratulas – Portadas

3 Respuestas a “IMO BROTHERS INTERNATIONAL BAND – Led by Fiddey Onwuneme DWAPS 2027 – Afrodisia1.977

  1. Please tell us where is the DOWNLOADBUTTON, it’s getting less and less here all the time…

    • Dear moos,
      first is an honor, welcome is good know to you.
      I have little knowledge in the way as I share in the audio using Soundcloud service from now on I will look the way,
      I will look the way will place the option to download but from the next post.
      I have no good tools to do my work, I dont have a record player and not have a good fast computer, or just do the best I can
      i work and do what I can on my site with great sacrifice, just to try to show our music and our sound systems cultures.

      to convert songs in format mp.3 sometimes I have had to rent a computer or rent a turntable to convert and upload to my Blog.

      Thank you for your understanding,

      sorry for my bad English

  2. I’m always impressed by your rich collection! Thank you for this one: Of course, sharing the albums would be even greater! But I understand your problems, Fabian.
    Best regards

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