Africolombia needs your help

For 12 years, Africolombia has dedicated to sharing with the world the incredible picotero culture of Colombia’s Caribbean.
From exposing a vast inventory of Afro-Colombian music classics to showing photos of the majestic picos of the 70s and 80s, which have impacted the world of popular graphics, Africolombia has been key in the resurgence of a movement that has put Colombian music, such as champeta on the map of cultural treasures of humanity.
Africolombia has been an important reference for collectors, DJs, musicologists, researchers, artists, photographers, designers, documentary filmmakers and music enthusiasts in general and has played a fundamental role in the development of important projects.
That’s why today we need your help. Your contribution will be tremendously valuable to keep the blog alive and continue sharing our beautiful culture with you.

Make your voluntary contribution via paypal to the account and help us keeping delivering sabrosura to the world!

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